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The Journey Method is a guided visualisation process to uncover a block or resistance and get to the core emotional cause, stored at a cellular level.

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What is the infinite possibility of accessing and unlocking your repressed cell memories to release and clear blocks and resistances?

When we experience a traumatic event and we shut down our natural emotional response, as society normally expect, our bodies release chemicals that will block certain cell receptors, leaving them unable to communicate properly with other cells, and our whole body chemistry begins to shift out of its natural healthy balance.

The Journey Method is a “living” tool that could be used in a very practical way as a journey of discovery into the soul. Real healing starts at the soul level – at the level of essential awareness – and reflects back through the emotional level to the physical level.

Our brains, like a computer, will run old programming on automatic pilot with the same patterns, unless we release the old, on a cellular level, and give it new software, to run our bodies in an optimal state of health and well-being.

When reading her book, Brandon Bays takes you on your first journey process!

Excerpts from The Journey, A Practical Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free

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“We all come into this world as a big bright shining diamond, completely whole, radiant and pure. And then through the traumas of life, this diamond can seem to get covered over with layer upon layer of limiting patterns – the time we failed our exam at school; the time our brother or sister made fun of us in front of our playmates; the time we got shy and said all the wrong things…Layer upon layer upon layer our shining radiance gets covered over, until sometimes, as adults, we forget that there ever was a brilliant diamond inside. Instead, we identify with all the mess, the layers that cover it…” “Emotional memories are stored in the cells of the body and get passed on from one cell generation to the next, and real healing begins when you let go of these cellular memories. You need to find out what past unresolved emotional memories and patterns are residing in the cells, learn whatever lessons are there, and finally resolve and release them.” “No matter how deep the issue is and no matter how much you have struggled with it, the possibility exists for you to become absolutely free, whole and healed. You are capable of getting to the root cause of these issues, resolving them, letting them go completely and setting yourself free to live your life at your highest potential, as a full expression of your true self…” “Everything happens for a reason and a purpose. Once you learn what the disease or physical block has to teach you and you finally let go of the emotional issues stored in the cells, then, and only then, can real healing begin on all levels – emotional, spiritual, and physical. Only then does the body go about the process of healing itself naturally.” “The fact that our emotional stuff manifest at the physical level probably mean that you’re finally ready to face it and let it go. There can be a great relief to finally just be real with yourself – taking the mask off end letting yourself experience the incredible vulnerability and helplessness that you felt as a young child… to finally letting yourself feel the natural emotions that you hadn’t let yourself experience at the time of the trauma. Because sometimes somehow even as a child you learned that it wasn’t allowed to show your true feelings and more important hadn’t been able to admit them to yourself. You were so successful in putting a lid on the feelings that you managed to convince yourself that it wasn’t that important.” “Across the globe, tens of thousands of people from all walks of life use The Journey Method to discover true freedom in their lives. They’re discovering their own answers and uncovering their own deepest truth. They are cleaning out past emotional blocks and physical challenges that have held them back. And they are finally healing on all levels of their being.” “Freedom is our destiny, yet we fear taking the very step that will carry us into the greatness that is our own true nature.” “We have bodies, minds and emotions, but most importantly what we are is soul – something that can’t be touched, tested, or surgically removed. And what an amazing miracle is stored inside the human body – how the infinite wisdom that knows how to make our hearts bet, our hair grow, that awesome perfection of inner knowledge that secretes exactly the right amount of hormones at the right time, can work its magic and heal us on a cellular level. This amazing inner power that is awake, working while we are asleep at night.

The Journey for Kids is a tool and answered prayer for thousands of parents!

Excerpts from The Journey for Kids

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“The Kids’ Journey can be used alongside whatever health program your child may be on. So many therapeutic and medical practitioners offer Journeywork alongside their own healing work. Cancer centres, orthodox hospitals, drug rehabilitation counsellors, alternative and complementary health practices, doctors, nurses, homeopaths, herbalists, kinesiologists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, massage therapists, nutritionists, psychiatrists, psychoanalysts – people in nearly every field of healing, both emotional and physical, have felt free to incorporate Journeywork into their own specialist areas.” – The Journey for Kids

“Teachers had done a year of case studies, dividing kids into 3 groups: 1 group received no Journeywork; 1 group only occasional Journeywork and 1 group received Journeywork every Friday afternoon. At the end of the year they tallied the results – and the statistics were extraordinary!  The students who got no Journeywork averaged a 67% pass rate. Those who received only occasional Journeywork averaged a 76% pass rate. Those who did Journeywork every week averaged a whopping 91% to 93%!” – The Journey for Kids

“Divorce is an issue that will unfortunately affect nearly one out of every 2 families. Children are bound to have all kinds of unspoken emotions about the loss of the family as a single unit. They often feel responsible and/or helpless. They will try figure out who is to blame and how they can fix things. They will internalize their hurt, and often that can get transmuted into behaviour that is angry, withdrawn, hostile, hurtful or even self-damaging. There are such a wide variety of responses, and none of us were given thee manual “how to handle the pain of separation, loss and estrangement”. We tend to keep our hurts to ourselves and our judgements in our heads, yet our pain leaks out sometimes at the most unexpected moments, in inappropriate ways. Our healing brain works much like a computer. It will run our old programming on automatic pilot, always going the same route, playing the same un-resourceful patterns again and again, unless we give it new software. If we give the healing brain healthier, more resourceful options, when it gets to the point of choice between the old unhealthy way or the new, more elegant and healthy programming, it will always choose the most resourceful programming available. If new resourceful programming is available, then that is what our healing brains will choose.” – The Journey for Kids

“What The Journey process does is to guide you in a safe, gentle and wholesome way to specific cell memories, so that you can finally feel and release the stored pain, let go of the story and memory and forgive the people involved. Then you are given healthy, empowering internal emotional resources so that you can wholesomely and freely respond to life in the future. The ultimate goal for children is that they live as a true expression of their own essence – so that they don’t have to create the limiting emotional baggage that leads to so much of the physical blockages and disease patterns common to adults.” – The Journey for Kids

“Part of what you will be doing as you work with your child is learning just this: How to partner with your child in opening into their own experience, and how to support them in discovering their own truth and their own answers – a lesson that would be good for all of us to learn in all our relationships!” – The Journey for Kids

Healing at a cellular level is proven and documented. It’s part of the quantum mechanics of the way the body heal.

Continuing the journey to freedom and limitless potential

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Journey Processes Testimonials

The Journey crossed my path at a time where I prayed to God to show me the way forward. I was desperate to help my child find his way after years of struggle with ADD and severe memory problems. I tried everything and saw every possible therapist, doctor and professor, with the medication and everything that goes with it. He was in a private school where he received special brain training and it was time for him to integrate back into the school system. At 13 years old, he still had to figure out what day of the week it was, although therapists and professors told me he is highly intelligent. I discovered the Journey for Kids book and the next evening I just read the ‘fairy tale of Jamie’ to my son, which is actually for 5-7 year olds. The next morning, he had a major shift and I was grateful for it, but after school he showed me his homework book, which was previously full of red letters from his teachers about his lack of motivation… this time he had two stickers from two different teachers as part of his rewards for effort! I was stunned! Later that same afternoon he asked me to give him time before his sports practice, because he first wanted to finish his homework, which previously caused a daily fight. I was blown away. Since then my son started to excel and we’ve been doing journey sessions as part of a lifestyle to face any obstacles, from bullying to memory issues to motivation issues. I am grateful beyond words!

Marie Olivier


I struggled with bullies and their jealousy at school and a journey process was suggested to me. I was sceptical, but did the process and the results blew me away!

As I arrived at school the following morning, one of the bullies approached me and told me how sorry she was about her behaviour. I was still surprised about this turn of events, when I received a text message on my phone from the other bully, saying that she do not know why she acted so rude the previous day.

This changed my life, as I realised just how powerful the journey processes were and how I could handle future situations on a deeper level, by working on myself to get all stuck emotions out of my system and then be able to forgive completely.

C Olivier


My journey with the Journey started in the autumn of 2017, when I was introduced to this inspirational work by a dear friend who had then just discovered and read the book written by Brandon Bays, titled The Journey: A Practical Guide to Healing Your Life and Setting Yourself Free. And so, after having read the book too, we set off on a path of self-discovery into our own essence, into wholeness, peace and freedom, through the completion of the Journey Practitioner’s Training Programme, offered in South Africa that year. It was a time of holding on for dear life through the ups and downs, letting go, forging new bonds, mending the broken pieces of the soul’s past, delving into the depths of fear, despair, sadness, facing unthinkable terror and confusion buried deep inside, and falling into and being emerged into absolute peace, joy and grace…a time of discovering our own, and life’s potential and abundance…a time of coming home! What an extraordinary gift and blessing! The Journey has opened up a whole new beautiful part of existence for me, filling my life with purpose and so much light, healing and a richness, unknown to me before.

Anja Pienaar