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It’s applying Instrumental Bio-Communication via Quantum Physics Technology.

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The Quantec device uses an original digital photograph, to scan the biological energy field of a body, to identify any existing deficiencies and imbalances on an electro-magnetic level. All three levels – physical, mental and spiritual are assessed.

The Quantec then generates a balancing sheet, containing all the relevant frequencies as needed by the individual, to correct the existing imbalances. These frequencies can then be directed and broadcast (radionics) to the individual, for the optimum period required to initiate the re-balancing process.

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Distance does not matter. Quantum physics states that everything is energy and ‘quantum’ is the invisible relationship between matter and energy. All matter has its own vibrational frequency and the interfaces that enable a computer to communicate with individuals and biological systems, are based partly on diodes that generate a white noise, and partly on a process similar to the entanglement of twin photons. Each light emission (contained in the digital photograph) has a twin photon (still present in the individual’s body) and these two photons have been scientifically proven to maintain communication with each other over any distance.

Image from the book “You are the placebo” by Dr Joe Dispenza.  Buy now on Amazon.

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“When higher, more coherent energy interacts with slower, more incoherent energy, it begins to synchronize or harmonize matter to a more organized state. From a quantum perspective, a higher, more coherent frequency is called health, and a slower, more incoherent frequency is called disease. All disease is a lowering of frequency, as well as the expression of incoherent information.”

How Quantec works
Who wouldn’t go for that – to transform worthless material into gold!

This was achieved at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich. In a sensational experiment scientists were able to turn cesium atoms into gold through material beams and a Bose-Einstein condensate.


Unimaginable: If the DNA strands of a human would be strung together, this would amount to a distance of 150 billion kilometers! And there is more . . .


How can our world seem so real and yet be so unreal? Well, within other things, there is a “software” behind that phenomenon. Learn more about it watching this viideo . . .


Are you amongst those who believe that the chemical periodic system is a topic without secrets and suprises? Well, if you want to stay with your believes, then do not watch this video . . .

Diode & White noise

The central building block of QUANtum TEChnology with which QUANTEC works is a diode that produces a white noise.
This white noise can function as an interface with all forms of consciousness.

The interface to the consciousness

The diode that generates white noise can be visualized as the television or radio quartz valves used earlier. The noise is called “white” because it appears on a black screen as flickering white dots, rather like what you see on a TV screen after the end of transmission time. The noise of the QUANTEC diode itself can be compared to a radio that is not tuned into any station: it alternates between deep rumbling, high whistles and then medium-frequency hissing, completely at random and with no recognizable pattern.

However, when this noise is connected with the consciousness, it changes. These changes can be processed and interpreted by a computer. QUANTEC uses this interaction with the consciousness by working with white noise to search its databases for relevant entries(e.g. affirmations, acupuncture, Bach blossoms, homeopathy, colors, etc.).

The diode as interface between consciousness and machine has been studied for over thirty years – with unambiguous results. Countless series of tests on people and animals have proved that diodes with white noise can be used as an interface between different types of consciousness and computers. The Frenchman René Peoc’h, in his experiments in the sleep laboratory, was even able to prove that this takes place without any waking consciousness. As part of the global awareness project, the collective consciousness of all people on our planet is being studied.

Reference Quality
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Requirements & Results for Quantec Support

A photograph can be used of a person, an animal, a plant, a company, a house, an agricultural area, a waterbody, or the water supply to a house.

A photograph of the target object is used


  • A photograph of the target object, preferably against an empty or clean wall or background. (The photograph must be void of all jewelry, watches, belts or any other interfering metals. Editing, cropping or cutting of the photograph must also be avoided.)
  • The name, address, e-mail and date of birth must be provided.
  • Any specifics, if preferred.


  • When the photograph and relevant data is being entered in the Quantec device, the bio-field is scanned and a Balancing Sheet is produced with the specific results from the subject’s bio-field.
  • The Balancing Report is interpreted and discussed before it is activated.
  • A specific number of relevant transmissions are then broadcast to counter, re-balance, re-align and optimize the bio-field of the subject.
  • The best results can be experienced after 3 months, and discussions about the optimum way forward can be done via Zoom (or if preferred, via phone) with regular follow-ups.
More about Quantum Mechanics
Quantum physics states that everything is energy and quantum is the invisible relationship between matter and energy

Watch the video, Dr Quantum and the Double Slit Experiment:

Watch the video, Dr Quantum and Entanglement:

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Watch the movie, What the Bleep do we Know!? and Down The Rabbit Hole



Energy or bio-energetic medicine refers to therapies which use an energy field. Scientists have developed methods to measure the subtle, but important energy fields within and around the human body. These fields were once considered non-existent by mainstream medicine, but modern medicine has been using a form of energy medicine since the discovery of X-rays. Electro-cardiographs (ECG’s), Electro-encephalograms (EEG’s) and MRI scans are now in common use for diagnostic purposes.

The earliest recorded use of electricity for healing purposes dates from 2750 BC and the Bible and other spiritual texts describe healing as the laying on of hands. Quantum touch and Reiki are some of the modern versions of this technique. Mesmer began using magnets for healing in 1773, but then progressed to using the laying on of hands.

Bio-communication is the ability of biological organisms to communicate with each other, outside the realms of perception and measurement. Cells, as part of a biological organism are accustomed to obeying orders. There is a general chain of command, of which bio-photons (photon particles are energy) and consciousness are a part, specifically in Neuro-Linguistic-Programming, in spiritual healing or in remote healing. Since this bio-communication largely takes place outside the realm we can perceive with our five senses or measured with physical measuring devices, its effect is often mistrusted. However, the results can be seen even though the process cannot be seen.

Quantec Testimonials

My first encounter with the Quantec device, was with one of our dressage horses, who had to compete in a national dressage competition. When he suddenly developed an uncontrollable dry cough with regular intervals I became desperate, as dressage is all about precision and even a slight shaking of the head could be disastrous on Elementary level dressage. It almost seemed like a little piece of grass was irritating his throat.

I called and send a photograph of the horse to be put on the Quantec device and within 2 days he stopped coughing. We had a successful show and the coughing never returned afterwards.

M Olivier

Equistria Therapeutic Development Centre

I have always been conscious, at times even overly conscious, about my weight and physical appearance. I have always battled with keeping my weight in a healthy range. At one stage I tipped the scale at a whopping 128kg. Being only 1,85cm tall, this was not healthy at all. I started to work hard in the gym, on the road (both running and cycling) and in the kitchen (trying to eat a healthy diet). A few months later I was weighing in at 88kg, and ever since that was more or less where my weight has been. A few months ago I started to pick up weight again, and an obsession developed within me that “I was fat again”. I tried to eat as healthy as possible, but still couldn’t get back to my goal weight. I was introduced to the idea of Quantec Therapy, and thought that any help will be good for me (and my mind) at this point in time. Since I have been receiving this therapy, I have settled down emotionally with regards to my weight and appearance. I am not following any worked out meal plan or “diet” of any sort. I am purely trying to eat as clean as possible (with some cheat days in between – just love pizza and a cold beer too much) and still maintaining a very average training routine during the week. My weight has come back down to my goal range, and I am in general feeling an “improved version of myself”. My emotions have settled down greatly and I am not putting the same kind of pressure on myself as before. I can say with great confidence that this therapy has worked (and still is) wonders for me. Highly recommended! For the person who is wondering should he/she try this or not, give it a shot. You have absolutely nothing to lose, except maybe some negative thoughts.

AJ Mouton


I had a grandmother who called me to put her grand daughter on the Quantec device. The little girls’ parents were very sceptical and only allowed it out of desperation. I complied, but never gave any feedback to the parents as they really were not interested, and with the grandmother paying for the scans and support, I just let it run.

After about 3 weeks I got a call from the girls’ mother, asking if her daughter wasn’t by any chance on the Quantec device? I confirmed that she was already on it for 3 weeks and if she is interested I can show her the reports or balancing sheets from the device. She was laughing and told me that her husband said if I confirmed that their daughter actually was on this device, then he was sold on it.

The little girls’ behaviour changed over this short period of time and they were starting to notice these changes more and more. After years of struggle it was just not possible to miss the shifts.

M Olivier

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